And Then There Was ONE

A Burgeoning Contemplative's Burgeoning Journey to God

Welcome to this reborn blog of my personal spirituality. Herein I reflect on the journey with God, both in general and in specific. At present, that journey includes discernment of a possible call to religious life or an expression of that life in the world, fascination with the concept of poverty of spirit and the place of the poor in the heart of God, and the general surrender of my will-fullness in will-ing surrender to the God of Love.

I do not speak out of any formal theological training nor out of authority given to my by any particular group. Instead, I speak as one who is caught in Love for her Creator and seeks to find this One in the created world, in herself, and wherever else [He] is to be found. I write as one who finds Love absolute, but also stammeringly challenging - letting go to being loved, to Being Love, to letting love consume and transform all ones actions, I am discovering is much harder than I have ever imagined - and a path to freedom and fullness of life.

In these pages, as in my life, dogma will take a back seat to practice and experience. It has been a blessing to find how God speaks to people of many different traditions and people of all traditions are welcome to witness/share this individual journey with me. That said, I side with St. Paul who noted that we must first walk before we can run and that before attaining maturity we much commit ourselves to some tutor. Therefore, one will discover that my tutor has been and continues to be the revelation of God in the Christian faith through my relationship with Jesus. The doctrines, traditions, and stories of that Faith raised and formed me. They continue to have relevance for me and it to them that I am devoted, even while I recognize the same God that speaks to all people who walk a faithful path of seeking.

I consider myself a progressive Christian of some manner of orthodoxy. I am, on most issues of political or social import, at least slightly (and often extremely!) left of center. However, I imagine that very little of broad political import will ever be referenced here! Spiritually I conform to an ecumenism and interfaith rigor, be it in fellowship and friendship across denominations and faiths, and find great wisdom and growth through these relationships. However, I am devoted to my own tradition and welcome any reader who can accept that without threat to his/her own path.

The spiritual path does not happen in isolation from the rest of oneself, so my experiences of pain, joy, hope, fear, the world around me, may all have bearing on what is found here. Inspiration from others in poetry, sermons, theology, images, or video may also come through, always cited, as it is all part of the one journey in Life.

**** Please do not use or cite my writing without my consent and do not cite any other person's content found here without giving reference to them.****

Your words of reflection, critique, or self-offering are welcome in the comments section ("...and the meditations of our hearts.") and I will do my best to respond when appropriate.

Grace to you and Peace for your willingness to journey together.